About Us

For years, Patti Infanti had a vision.

She wanted to open a consignment store, with very high standards, that could save people money and allow her to leave corporate America.  Patti had worked in a consignment store in high school, back when everything was manual, so she knew the business backward and forward.  It was just a matter of putting things in motion.  The road to success was interesting, and as Patti’s husband, Ralph, will tell you, it filled their basement and garage along the way!

A conversation about kids’ clothing got Patti thinking more seriously about starting a business.  Then Patti agreed to sell some items on eBay™.  That went well, and she branched out to selling at church sales.  By then, she had developed her clothing sources to the point that she was taking 900 pieces to these sales and needed a hand truck to drop off packages at the post office. But the family was running out of room for storing it all.  Opening a store was the next step, fulfilling Patti’s dream.  Ladybugs & Lizards’ first home was a quaint little house on Canton Street, right at the edge of old town Roswell.  As Patti’s business thrived, the need to expand was obvious.

The Infantis had their eye on a perfect spot at 1123 Alpharetta Street.  While empty it was under lease.  Finally, after a few years, a for lease sign went up and the Infantis called right away.  One day, Patti was in her shop and a gentleman walked in and asked her some questions.  It was the owner of the Alpharetta Street building.  He called a few days later.  “I like what you do, and I like the way you do business,” he told her. And he leased Patti and Ralph the building.

The building had to be rebuilt inside to accommodate the business.  It was slow-going, and Patti kept her loyal customers informed via e-mail.  When Patti learned the space wouldn’t be ready at the beginning of the crucial fall season, she knew she had to get creative. She accepted consignments in the parking lot, out of her SUV!  So when the shop reopened in October 2011, inventory was ready to go!

As with many visions, this one took a lot of hard work, determination and know-how.  But it paid off. Not only for Patti, but also for her customers.  Her high standards and diligence have brought a unique, much-needed resource to Roswell, and have earned  Ladybugs & Lizards the “Best Children’s Clothing Store” distinction seven years in a row!